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Creator Surveys

With our network of 40K+ social creators, you have access to a powerful group of people that can answer any questions you may have before setting up strategy for your brand or campaign.

What's hot?

Learn what you should pay attention to when starting your creators campaign.

Our Experience

Learn what you should pay attention to when starting your creators campaign.


We are all about the perfect balance between a healthy amount of control, supporting creative freedom and trust. 


Find out more on why influencers should clearly and conspicuously disclose their relationships to brands when promoting or endorsing products through social media.


Find meaningful and relevant social content to get insights on what’s being talked about your brand.


We've included as much tools possible to make running a campaign easy for you!


In this guide you’ll learn how to help clients grow their businesses, how to find your next Commerce client, why Circle members earn more on e-commerce sites, and how to choose a Commerce plan and template.

Content Approval

To safeguard the credibility of the content made by social creators, we make it possible for you to check the content before creators post it.


Our platform pulls in data 24/7, and you are able to view all published content for your campaign in your personal dashboard once the creators start posting.

Your Dashboard

Supporting easy navigation through your personal dashboard, our campaign managers will guide you in building strategy, briefing set up, creator selection, communication with creators and way more, right until the last post goes live! 

The Brief

In your campaign brief you show potential social creators what your campaign is all about! Think strategy, goals, amount of posts, incentive etc. Whenever your campaign brief sparks an interest with the social creator, they can apply for your campaign.


We are here to help you get on the right track and guide you in creating a concept around what your campaign is all about.

Social Amplification

With Instagram’s algorithm it is important for clients to develop strategies to amplify influencer content. Amplification is really the only foolproof way to make sure your influencer content is seen by more people and it helps to expand reach and increase visibility.

Qards - The Full Cirqle

From message creation to attribution - we've got your back. Up until today, there was no way to attribute a social creator campaign to actual conversion. We've been able to develop an innovative tool that enables you to track conversions in-shop. 

Social Creator Incentives

In this video you’ll learn how to incentivise your social creators.

Social Creator Authenticity

We try to make sure you are certain that your social creators speak to a group of real interested followers when posting about your brand and do this in a credible & authentic way. 

Social Creator Identification

In a world where social creators come in all sizes, categories and expertises, it might be difficult to determine what type of creators you would want to collaborate with. Find out how to handle this!

Paid Partnerships

Instagram has recently launched tools to bring transparency and consistency to Branded Content on Instagram. ‘The tools consist of a tag to help creators disclose when a post is the result of a partnership and insights to help businesses access the performance of their branded content campaigns.’

Metrics you need to know!

As soon as the first post for your campaign is created by a creator, a 'performance' tab is populated in your personalised dashboard to retrieve insights into performance metrics of all of your campaigns, 24/7. This tab serves as a proxy for overall campaign performance and highlights, both on the aggregate and on the individual level, who has posted what and what the overall/individual performance to-date has been.

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