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A tutorial explaining mobile wallet qards

This video, by our in-house Head of Training, Jolien Berkel, illustrates the benefits of deploying mobile wallet cards as part of any marketing program. Take 3 mins and watch it to learn more about the technology.

The Process

This article explains the basics of setting up the process with mobile wallet cards. Use this article to get started and learn more about the process.

How to set it up

Did you get excited about the prospect of using mobile wallet tech to drive sales through influencer campaigns? This article brings you the A to Z of how to set things up.

Why mobile wallet qards

We can’t get more amazed about the results of mobile wallet tech and we’d love to explain you why. Read up on why to deploy mobile wallet qards as part of any social campaign here.

When to use mobile wallet qards

OK so when do you deploy mobile wallet cards and what social program and talent do you need? We’re here to help so feel free to read up about the ins- and outs in this article.

What are mobile wallet qards?

We know, new technologies can be daunting; that’s why we’ve laid out the fundamentals of mobile wallet tech in this article to help you get acquainted with the used case of the technology.

Qards - The Full Cirqle

From message creation to attribution - we've got your back. Up until today, there was no way to attribute a social creator campaign to actual conversion. We've been able to develop an innovative tool that enables you to track conversions in-shop. 

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