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Formats on Instagram Posts & Stories

One of the world’s most popular social channels. What does this channel offer? What features are relevant for you to use in your social creator campaign? Find out more here.


To make sure content of a social creator stands out in the extreme amount of content shared on a daily basis, Instagram has made sure that creators can include different formats to make their posts special. Some formats are meant for usage on an Instagram Story, and some on static posts.

What formats are there? And in what way can it help to elevate content quality and enthusiast social creators audience?

On Instagram static posts:


To make sure that people can easily navigate to your Instagram page whenever a social creator posts about your brand, social creators can tag your page in their posts. Only one click away for your potential consumers!


On Instagram Stories:


On Instagram Stories social creators can choose from multiple add ons. Instagram Stories stickers provide a free, easy, and fun way to engage with followers and get them invested in your brand, content, and products.

Creators can add a location to their post - referring to your store/restaurant/event location etc.

Creators can add a mention to their post - referring to another Instagram post, possibly your brand page to make sure their followers are able to click through to your page fast an easy.

Creators can add a hashtag to their post - possibly provided to them in our brief.

Creators can add the Time, a Poll, Question, GIF, Countdown, Like Scale or Swipe up to their story, which will all be explained in more detail below.


With Polls the social creator encourages their audience to engage with the post. They provide their followers with two options and you as a brand can guide the social creator on what type of question to ask, and what answers to provide.

Examples below show different ways of entering a poll into an Instagram Story. One can choose to ask the followers for a favourite colour for a product, the best day to go to an event, if they like the product etc.


What better way to find out what your target audience is looking for then to directly ask them? Have social creators ask their audience about their plans, their opinion, their preference. For you this can be a way to gather data and based on that decide on the next steps in your strategy (or even the next Instagram post).

7 ways other brands are using this feature:

  1. To answer product questions

  2. To connect with followers over shared values 

  3. To run a Q&A

  4. To host an Instagram takeover 

  5. To ask questions of your followers 

  6. To support a campaign 

  7. To curate an FAQ


Have your followers include a countdown to increase excitement about a product launch or an event date.


Using GIF’s are great to interact with your target market. Social creators use GIF’s to express their emotions and the brands values might just fit those emotions. This is a create investment for brands and it’s an easy way to advertise.

Every verified account has the option to create their own GIF’s. If interested; please contact Jolien@thecirqle.com for more info.

Swipe up

Social creators can add a ‘swipe up’ option to their stories when they want to share more info about e.g. the product mentioned in the story. That swipe up literally asks their followers to swipe the story up and that redirects them to a URL, for instance your webpage. Social creators would need to have at least 10K followers to include the swipe up option in their stories. It is also a great way to insert the Qard feature and track ROI from your campaign!


Social creators are able to ‘highlight’ a curated group of past Stories they’ve posted to their profile. Highlights appear below their profile picture and stories you add as highlights remain visible as highlights until the creator removes them, even after the original story has disappeared. Those allowed to have seen the initial story can also see it in the highlight section.

Keep in mind: to continuously display a story made for your brand by the creator increases the budget spend compared to a story that is live for 24hrs (the regular timing for one story).  

Written by Jolien Berkel

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