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Our Experience

Learn what you should pay attention to when starting your creators campaign.

Years of experience enables us to share some of our success stories with you. What works and what doesn’t? Which campaigns have been successful and why?

Video Content

According to Socialmediatoday.com (March, 2018) 90% of consumers say video can help them make buying decisions and 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2019. As video content is increasing in popularity we get more and more brands requesting creators to use Instagram stories as the main way to distribute content.

Previous campaigns where we have asked creators to include swipe up in their Instagram Stories to generate traffic to a website, has shown us that repetitiveness works. It means that we see an increase in the amount of swipe ups if the creators include the option in 6 short stories, rather than 3 longer stories. To really point out the swipe up option, we ask creators to include a GIF or text to their stories. Also, it benefits to include standard stories in between without the swipe up option, to keep it open for DMs - questions about the product - as you can not DM when there is a swipe up option.

Via Instagram stories it is also possible for social creators to share our ‘Qards’ feature. It will enable creators to share a card with (e.g.) discount code with their followers which they can save to native apps on their phones; Wallet or Google Pay. We are able to track all activity around the cards (saves, conversion, deletion rate) and to push notifications based on time and location. Find out more about here.

Case Studies

Please view some our amazing campaign with world known brands!


McDonald's is one of the most diverse brands in the country, if not the world. They are known for championing life's feel-good moments. So what better way to show the country just how much we all have in common than through a snapshot of America — glimpse into the 26 million people that visit their restaurants every single day — brought to life through a creative lens.

In their first brand campaign in over three years, 'In Common', McDonald's showcased the vast diversity that can only be found in their restaurants, through a series of portraits inspired by world-renowned photographer, Mark Seliger. That's where you come in!

McDonald’s invites photographers from across the United States to submit their own series of portraits that showcase a diversity of people with special McDonald’s memories, traditions, and experiences for its 'In Common' campaign.

Through an exciting partnership between Talenthouse and The Cirqle, McDonalds was able to launch its marketing campaign in the Los Angeles area, partnering with 11 photography influencers from a broad range of ethnicities and driving over 1.1 million verified impressions with an average engagement rate of 4.66% (benchmark = 3.64%).

Find our McDonald’s case study here.

Heineken Singapore

Heineken is a brand that is deeply rooted in modern culture and loved by many globally. The brand is well known for its amazing commercials and for sponsoring some of the worlds greatest events such as the F1 in Singapore. During the 2018 xmas season Heineken launched an extra special festive campaign across Singapore.

The brand paired up with a large pool of local creators to launch their Heineken Xmas wrapping paper. The gift giver can top-up the paper online, so that the gift receiver can use the gift wrapper to redeem a Heineken 6-pack. The aim of the campaign was to generate awareness of this innovative freebee, but also to educate the market on how to use the product. The creators that were selected carefully by the brand through The Cirqle platform were able to educate and engage with the target audience very effectively through high quality content.

Find our Heineken case study here.

Written by Jolien Berkel

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