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Posting on Instagram

One of the world’s most popular social channels. What does this channel offer? What features are relevant for you to use in your social creator campaign? Find out more here.

“People come to Instagram to be inspired and discover things they care about, and that includes content from brands and businesses.” (Instagram, 2019).

Instagram’s data shows us that more than one billion accounts are active every month (think: potential consumers!) Interestingly, 60% of people say they discover new products on this channel.

How do you make sure potential consumers visit your Instagram account or direct towards your page and/or website when social creators are posting about you?

What’s the first step a social creator takes, and what can a creator do to enthusiast their followers about their content? Let us walk you through it!

Posting images or video

Social creators can share images or video’s (3 to 60 sec long) per piece on their ‘Feed’ (think of it as their main profile page). If creators have an open profile, it means that people can freely view their content. Both these people and specific followers of social creators can look at the post (impressions), view a video (views), comment or like a post (engagement) or share it with friends or on their own story (see chapter about stories here) and save a post.

Besides single posts, social creators can also choose to upload up to 10 photos and videos and share them as a single post in their feed. This is what we call a ‘carrousel’ post.

Carrousel posts:

For such a carrousel post, in feed, you'll see the first photo or video from the post with a row of dots below it. People can swipe to see the rest of the photos or videos shared.

One can add one location and caption for the entire post, and tag (please see below for explanation on ‘tagging’) someone in each individual photo.

People can like and comment on the posts just like a regular post. Comments and likes appear on the entire post, rather than on the individual photos and videos that are part of your post. 

After a social creator has shared a post with multiple photos and videos, the caption, location and tagged accounts can be edited. It is not an ability to reorder, edit or delete parts of the posts that is shared, one can only then delete the entire post.

NOTE: When adding video’s into a carrousel view, the amount of ‘views’ for that video is not recorded. Only when you post a video as a separate post, the statistics of views and impressions are collected. Please find out more on metrics here. A video's view count doesn't include video loops, and a view is counted when a video is watched for 3 seconds or more.

Also, keep in mind that a video's view count only includes views from within the Instagram app, and not from other places like an embedded post or on desktop.


In your briefing you can describe what you would like the social creator to add as a ‘caption’ (text) to their posts. Make sure you support the creative freedom of the social creator by not telling them the exact words to write down as a ‘caption’ with their post. The way they write needs to be in style with their previous posts, for it to feel genuine to their followers.

Written by Jolien Berkel

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