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The Process

This article explains the basics of setting up the process with mobile wallet cards. Use this article to get started and learn more about the process.

New to the Qard feature? Maybe you would first like to read this.

The steps

1. Creation: When running your social creator campaign via The Cirqle, we make sure that our creators incept your brand message and create stunning content around your campaign goals.

2. Distribution: When creators push these beautiful pieces of content through their Instagram Stories and/or Snapchat they are able to share a swipe up option (if the creator has 10K+ followers), leaving them with the opportunity to offer more info or redirect their followers to a URL behind the content. That swipe up option is also exactly what we need to redirect their followers to the Qards!

Encouraging their followers to swipe up for a discount, free entrance to an event, or additional product when buying etc. can direct them to a Qard, designed for you and by you. That Qard can be saved to one's Apple ‘Wallet’ app or Google's integrated passbook and used in store or online!

3. Attribution: Through those native apps that enable people to save Qards to their phones, we track customers purchase intent and have the unique ability to keep pushing offers. We track if the Qards have been saved on someones phone and if the codes on the Qards have been used in store or online. We track the amount of deleted Qards as well, which has up until now never been higher than 6% of the total saves (!)

What the process looks like

Written by Jolien Berkel

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