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What are mobile wallet qards?

We know, new technologies can be daunting; that’s why we’ve laid out the fundamentals of mobile wallet tech in this article to help you get acquainted with the used case of the technology.

From message creation to attribution - we've got your back. Up until today, there was no way to attribute a social creator campaign to actual conversion. We've been able to develop an innovative tool that enables you to track conversions in-shop! 

What is it?

Next to calling, texting, being on social media, taking photo’s, people nowadays also shop with their phone, and pay for their products using native apps that are being built into a phone’s software.

For example, Apple offers the app ‘Wallet’ to their users, to save their creditcards, boarding passes, loyalty cards etc. making it very easy for people to use their phone for every transaction. ‘Google Pay’ is what Android developed for their devices.

To your advantage, having people using their phone and these apps for their day to day payments, we found a way to enter these apps with shareable personalised cards!

What do we mean with shareable personalised cards?

If people can save a (e.g.) boarding pass to their phone, we thought; why can’t we offer a similar pass but with another design and another purpose? With our latest feature you will be able to create a card, which can include a discount code, a QR code, a barcode or loyalty codes and people will be able to save this on their phone. They can use it for whatever time the card is set to be active (you have control over this).

In our example cards below you can see that it is possible for a brand to customise the card to your wishes and include any type of discount code that you want to offer (potential) clients.

Find out more about when to use the cards here.


Once a Qard is inserted into the Wallet or Google Pay app on someone’s phone, we are able to push notifications to remind them of the promotion on the Qard.

As for different types of promotions, different Qards can be made (for more info on Qard creation, please check out this article), notifications can also differ per Qard. These can be location or time based.

Location based: We ask you as a brand to provide us with more info on locations that we can use as a base to set notifications on - e.g. McDonald’s sends us the locations of all relevant restaurants for their campaign, and we make sure that people that have the Card saved to their phone will receive a notification of their offer if they are within 500meters of one of the restaurants.

Time based: Imagine that the discount on your branded Qards is only relevant around the holidays. Upon agreement with us on how many notifications to send within one period of time, we make sure to send out notifications before or during the relevant promotion.

Written by Jolien Berkel

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