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Why mobile wallet qards

We can’t get more amazed about the results of mobile wallet tech and we’d love to explain you why. Read up on why to deploy mobile wallet qards as part of any social campaign here.

Your chosen social creators create beautiful content for your campaign. Based on the given information on demographics per social creator, you can confidently say that this content will be viewed by a relevant target audience. When the content appeals to that audience, you also hope they engage with it as much as possible, by liking, commenting and sharing the content.

Wouldn’t you also like to know what that results in? The positive respons from that audience, the amount of eyeballs that have seen the content, what does it literally do for your brand? The Qards enable you to keep track of the purchase intent and actual conversion of your target audience.

Followers of social creators that save the Qard to their phones, have the intention to use any type of code that is offered to them at that time. We keep track of all saved Qards. Not to mention the deleted Qards as well, which has up until now never been higher than 6% of the total saves (!)

Track your ROI

Purchase intent is a powerful metric to measure, but we take it a step further with these Qards! We keep track of all people that actually redeemed the code and used the Qard to make a purchase. So that is data telling you exactly how much money that social creator content has produced for you!!

From message creation all the way to attribution. That’s a full Cirqle for sure!

Want to know what you can add to that Cirqle to give your campaign an extra boost (literally)? Check out our article about Boosting content and improve your campaign results!

Written by Jolien Berkel

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