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Social Amplification

With Instagram’s algorithm it is important for clients to develop strategies to amplify influencer content. Amplification is really the only foolproof way to make sure your influencer content is seen by more people and it helps to expand reach and increase visibility.

With Instagram’s algorithm update it is even more important for clients to develop strategies to amplify (otherwise referred to as ‘boosting’) influencer content. Amplification is really the only foolproof way to make sure your influencer content is seen by more people especially since our data indicates organic reaches declined by 50% over the past 12 months on Instagram alone.

By boosting content you will automatically (re)target the natural audience of the social creator to get more impressions, engagement or even more clicks/CTA. But even better, you will also have the ability to target a similar audience and/or specific target groups on social media.

Who sees what

Unlike organic posts, boosted posts don’t appear on your timeline. They also don’t show up in the feeds of your followers. Instead, they show up as sponsored content in the feeds of users you’re specifically targeting. These boosted posts only exist for the targeted users that see them.

Why is boosting effective for brands?

Retarget relevant audiences

 Using the targeting feature in boosting (paid Facebook or Instagram ads), you can reach relevant audiences. You can select your audience and target on specific interest, behaviour and demographic, e.g. location, age, gender etc. For example, you can target people who are interested in one of the following: Beauty, Shopping, or Fashion AND must also fall into top 10% income earners. This ensures that your boosted content is seen by people who truly matter to your business.

So these posts seem to be great for precise targeting!

Not only can you focus different ads on different audiences, but you can also make custom ads for each targeted audience segment.

Improve reach and visibility

Amplification helps brands expand reach and increase visibility. When you amplify creator content, you can have more people seeing the content more often and e.g. drive more people to your website. Amplification of creator content allows both brands and creators to keep a close watch on the performance of the posts. Monitoring and tracking these results can help you make any adjustments needed and drive more impressions, engagement and e.g. mobile wallet downloads (see chapter ‘The Full Cirqle’).

Identify new audiences

Amplification also helps you get access to new audiences. When you promote your content using Facebook or Instagram ads with a boosted post, your brand gets exposed to new audiences. These audiences may have never heard of you, and may not even be following you. However, if your posts are attractive and engaging enough, they’re likely to share them or start following you.

Boost Proof

Make sure when you want creators to boost content, it is ‘boost proof’. For instance, with Instagram stories, it is essential to know that no interactive elements can be included - e.g. stickers, polls, tags etc.

You CAN include a swipe up, so preferably you would want the story to be informative or requesting for a call to action by directing to any URL.

Also, as the boosted content is displayed from the creator’s name, it is important that the story includes either enough info about your brand so it is apparent for the audience that it is about your brand, or simply make sure that a brand logo is included in the story.

What content to choose?

In your dashboard you will find top posts of your campaign(s) by engagement. Our experience with previous campaigns including social amplification, shows us that campaign’s top performing posts serve as an excellent choice to amplify via social channels, as we see their performance increase the most.

*Note that if you would like to have the ability to boost your creator’s content - always make sure this is mentioned in the brief, so creators are aware that they might need to boost content when they apply for your campaign. After you select content for boosting, it may take between 30min and 48hrs before the post get’s boosted depending on the type of content (e.g. video may take longer that an image).

Written by Jolien Berkel

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