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January 3, 2019

The Brief

In your campaign brief you show potential social creators what your campaign is all about! Think strategy, goals, amount of posts, incentive etc. Whenever your campaign brief sparks an interest with the social creator, they can apply for your campaign.

Whenever the campaign brief sparks an interest with the social creator, they can apply for your campaign. In order to make sure the right kinds of creators, who fit your brand, apply - you can specify requirements based on location, age, categories and channel performance.

Your dedicated campaign manager(s) will help you set up your campaign brief and will advise for optimal results. With many years of experience, we know what appeals to our 10K (and an external database of 30K+) highly curated distributors!

Information that we need from you:

  • Campaign goals and objectives: it is important for creators to understand what you would like to achieve with this campaign - increasing awareness and/or engagement, opening a store, generating traffic or sales etc. It will help them to create the best possible content to achieve these goals.

  • Campaign details: in this section you can provide us with info on what is expected of the creators. Please include what you would like to highlight about your campaign. To show creators what the look and feel is of your brand, we also include images as a guideline.

  • Preferred target audience & market: are you looking for social creators who love going on holiday in Asia and have a dog? Let's specify! We can set creator application criteria based on location, gender, age, categories and minimum channel performance (ie: reach and engagement). We can even set preferred audience of the creator(s) based on gender, location, age and income.

  • Posts: how many channels do you want social creators to post on and how many times? Within what timeframes and do you prefer a particular setting? What should that post include or more importantly, what should be excluded? In this section you can specify more of your requirements. Include hashtags, mentions and links (if preferred).

  • Imagery for our Style Guide: To show the social creators what type of content is expected within the campaign, or to serve as inspiration for the creators.

  • Campaign rules: these are guidelines, legalities, and other necessary information required for the campaign. Based on this, a social creator will decide if they want to apply for your campaign. Your account manager will ask you what rules to communicate to potential creators. Please see example below:

  • Application question: any extra questions to ask applying influencers? This is the time! Include questions like 'what is your shirt size?', 'are you able to visit the venue between XX and XX dates?', 'What color product do you prefer?'.

Check out our campaign briefing format here

Written by Jolien Berkel

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