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What's hot?

Learn what you should pay attention to when starting your creators campaign.

Video Posts

Instagram Stories. Let us tell you; it’s hot! IG stories lets brands and social creators provide short (15sec) snippets of whatever they want to share. The feature stimulates interactivity with followers and viewers when Instagram included different formats like; Polls, Questions and Swipe-Up features. With over 400 million active Instagram users viewing Instagram Stories every day, it’s rapidly becoming an ideal way to lead brand conversations.

With Instagram also launching IGTV, containing only video’s, it seems that video content is taking up a huge amount of social media coverage! Something to consider when launching your next campaign..? 

Getting seen

Ofcourse it is hot to get seen in the creator business, it is just not that easy as you might think it is. Algorithms have changed enormously in the last year, especially Facebook and Instagram. Meaning that it is not that apparent anymore that the majority of ones followers sees content and reaching targeted audiences has become increasingly difficult. 

Two pieces of advise from us to get your content seen: 

Number one. Have your creators share authentic, relatable content which appeals the right people from organic likes, comments and shares. 

Number two. Amplify it! Spend some of your budget on amplifying content, and target a specific audience (age, interest, location, gender etc.) so more of these people see the content from your campaign. Let us guide you into the proces of boosting content, so more of that relevant audience can be reached easily! 

Engagement is key!

Our experience tells us that the percentage of a social creator’s audience that responds to their content has become far more important than their total number of followers. 

When setting up your next social campaign, think about the Micro-influencers and nano-influencers (less than 10,000 followers and less than 1,000 followers) as what they lack in following numbers, they make up for in engagement. The direct, personal connections and interest of their audience may be the key to campaign success when it comes to engagement and ROI.

Written by Jolien Berkel

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