UGG Australia

This European campaign raised awareness for the classic UGG boots across 22 publishers and beyond.

Through Cirqle, UGG managed to get over 300 creators to apply for this campaign. Inducing a huge cost reduction and delivering incredible efficiency through our technology. During the campaign, more than 100 pieces of content were created and over 36 bonus posts were delivered by creators in our network.

The top performing social channel was Instagram with the majority of impressions delivered. All the created content produced by the creators through this campaign was also made available for in-store advertisements, sponsored emails, online ads and for lookbook purposes.


  • Over 1.2 million impressions delivered;

  • CPM of Euro 17,-;

  • Over 21.000 engagement points (Likes, comments, retweets, shares) were delivered across 4 different social channels;

  • 22 creators/publishers were involved in the campaign

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