Under Armour, the third-largest sports apparel brand in the world, looked to Cirqle to start a highly targeted marketing campaign.


“What you do in the dark puts you in the light.” was the theme of this campaign. We knew that the performance of Under Armour's star athletes can directly be linked to sales. And thus, we were extremely curious to see the results of a campaign where creators were asked to do the exact opposite of what they're used to doing. Go dark, don't access social media for 3 days straight, and workout instead. 

Proposing a new type of social campaign, Under Armour offered a platform-specific reward to creators by asking them to not post anything to social media. We know Under Armour is aggressive and fearless. That idea of this underdog mentality, of you will always be your absolute best. That mentality came forward in this campaign too. 


  • High engaging campaign across 10 key creators/publishers;

  • CPM of Euro 10,54;

  • Over 8.000 engagement points (Likes, comments, retweets, shares) were delivered across 3 different social channels;

  • 35 bonus posts received

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