v2c gin

How an artisanal GIN brand built brand awareness through Cirqle.

After identifying Cirqle as a go-to source for activating, engaging and collaborating with publishers, it was clear that creators offered the perfect fit for encouraging consumers to bring V2C Gin's product out of the pantry and into their favorite Gin-T recipes.

Leveraging The Cirqle's platform, V2C Gin was able to launch its very first U.G.C. marketing campaign, which invited creators to showcase V2C infused recipes and, more importantly, to use these recipes at home. Driving creative freedom to build campaigns around the upstarting brand. 

Download this case study to learn how you can drive brand awareness and achieve the following:

  • Turn publishers sites into your No. 1 social referral source;

  • Drive brand awareness across social;

  • Increase traffic to site (V2C saw lifts in traffic as result of publishers efforts);

  • Build a strong network of passionate fans and advocates;

  • Creatives to build other campaigns off;

  • Continuous posts across multiple content creator sites.

With Cirqle as a partner, V2C was able to monetize images on social and on their website. Read the full case study to learn how your brand can too.


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