Yves Rocher - APAC

Hydra Vegetal - APAC product launch by Yves Rocher.

Yves Rocher is a globally established beauty and skin care brand with more than 2000 retail locations. For their product launch of Hydra Vegetal the brand selected The Cirqle to lead their influencer campaign across Singapore, Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

Aiming to educate their target audience about the new Hydra Vegetal product and to drive traffic to their retail locations, the creators produced high quality photo and video content. The brand selected creators with a high engagement rate across the region. Additionally the brand used the Cirqle platform to select the creators based on the specific demographic data of their followers, ensuring that the creators in the campaign were capable of reaching their target audience. This resulted in an overall engagement rate of 3.82% for the regional campaign and a total of over 744.000 impressions.

Download this case study to learn how you can reach your target audience across asia, a wide range of languages and cultures within one campaign:

  • Turn publisher sites into your no. 1 social referral source;

  • Work with talents across key markets;

  • Increase traffic to flagship stores across an entire region;

  • Build a strong network of passionate fans and advocates;

  • Create high engaging localised content;

With Cirqle as a partner, Yves Rocher was able to monetize images on social and on their website. Read the full case study to learn how your brand can too.


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