How The Cirqle enables Paid Partnership Ads

How The Cirqle enables Paid Partnership Ads

How The Cirqle enables Paid Partnership Ads
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Jan 31, 2024

Paid partnership ads should be a crucial part of every advertiser's marketing strategy. By allowing advertisers to promote content directly from creators' handles, advertisers gain access to authentic and compelling content that remains authentic in nature. 

This leads to better-performing ads and the opportunity to reach untapped audiences. Furthermore, running Partnership Ads offer advertisers insights to enhance optimization of ads, ensuring they deliver the best possible business outcomes. 

Ensuring partnership ads adhere to the right formats and guidelines is essential for their success, as placements and safe zones impact your delivery. This is where The Cirqle's platform accelerates advertisers abilities, seamlessly streamlining the setup of Partnership Ads, managing licenses, programmatically creating LaL audiences, and creating Partnership Ads straight from within our software platform.

Partnership ads created through our platform automatically have a tried-and-tested setup that we’ve tested across thousands of ad campaigns. Recognizing that Partnership Ads require transparent collaboration, we continuously enhance our software to simplify the process for creators and advertisers.

For advertisers


When advertisers create a campaign brief on The Cirqle's platform, the information in the brief is automatically transformed into a contractual agreement. Once advertisers select creators to partner with, creators will promptly receive a notification to review, accept, and digitally sign this contract. The contract captures essential details, including posting dates and the terms of content licensing, which we automatically acquire for a period of 90-days.

Advertisers can conveniently access each content licensing date within their campaign interface. During this period, the advertiser has the right to utilize the content for promotional purposes in their advertising initiatives. This streamlined process ensures a seamless and well-documented collaboration between advertisers and creators.

Ad Permissions

The first step in running Partnership Ads is setting up permissions for the advertiser to run ads from the creators handle. In legal terms: we’re leveraging the “likeness” of the creator, to run an Sponsored ad, targeted to the advertisers audience. With The Cirqle’s platform, advertisers can add and manage partnership ad relationships with their creators both at the content, and the account-level, granting them the permission to run partnership ads without additional permissions at the content level. 

As shown in the platform screenshot below, this process can be streamlined by uploading a CSV, enabling bulk creator upload.

To make it easy for our advertisers to get the creators’ permission, our platform is designed to automatically import all creators that the advertiser has previously worked with (see image below). 

The advantage here is that advertisers don’t have to go through all their former partnerships, instead, the platform seamlessly auto-imports these creators. As illustrated in the platform screenshot above, you'll see how, for our client LOOKFANTASTIC, 178 creators with whom the advertiser had prior content partnerships were integrated into our system. Then for each individual creator, the platform visualizes the content that is available to run as a partnership ad.

Lookalike Audiences

One of the most pivotal assets of The Cirqle's platform is the ability to generate engagement and Look-Alike Audiences for creators. When advertisers have prior collaborations with creators or accept new creators into their campaigns, the platform automatically generates Engagement Audiences and Look-Alike Audiences for each individual creator. This streamlined feature expedites the process, as it eliminates the need for advertisers to manually upload and integrate each creator into their business manager separately. Notably, for creators with whom clients have had previous partnerships, they can be efficiently uploaded in bulk within The Cirqle's platform. This functionality optimizes the overall efficiency and convenience of audience management for advertisers. Having the ability to leverage creator audiences, can significantly optimize the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Ad Creation

With The Cirqle’s platform, setting up partnership ad campaigns becomes effortless. You can transform your organic content into ads without navigating the typical steps in Facebook Business Manager, providing a more efficient and streamlined process. As mentioned earlier, advertisers can even use content that creators produced for them previously, thanks to the platform's automatic content import feature. Moreover, The Cirqle enables the conversion of content into various ad formats, allowing advertisers to determine the most effective format. However, to achieve this, it's essential for creators to follow specific ad creation guidelines, which we'll explore later in this article.

Partnership Ad formats and placements

There are several different formats to run partnership ads on Meta, of which Feed Ads (these can be a single image, video, or carousel), Stories Ads (these can include up to five specific stickers: polling, countdown, hashtag, location, or mention) and Reels. This is why when our clients set up their campaign brief, only the allowed Partnership Ad formats will be presented. 


With our audience feature you can seamlessly harness the power of audience targeting. For every creator you collaborate with, our system will automatically generate engagement audiences, pinpointing individuals with similar interests and behaviors. These audiences will then be conveniently integrated into your business manager, streamlining your campaign strategies and ensuring you're always reaching the right eyes and ears. On The Cirqle’s platform you can also create engagement and look-alike audiences on demand and in bulk. 

Safe zones

Safe zones refer to specific areas in an ad where content remains visible and unobstructed, ensuring key messages are easily seen and understood by viewers. While content with non-royalty-free music is ineligible for paid partnership ads, one should also not overlook the power of text overlays in image and video advertisements, because the relevance of safe zones goes beyond just visual appeal. Overlays, especially text, can enhance an ad's central message. But if this text is poorly positioned, hidden, or hard to read, it can significantly diminish the ad's effectiveness and clarity. This approach ensures that before content is even submitted for review, creators are made aware of any potential safe zone issues. By offering this feature, we're facilitating the use of safezones, and streamlining the creation process.

In sum, Paid Partnership Ads are a powerful tool for advertisers, allowing them to showcase authentic content and reach new audiences. However, creating these ads can be complex, especially with the specific guidelines that need to be followed. That's where The Cirqle's platform comes in, simplifying the process for both advertisers and creators. Our platform provides real-time feedback and ensures ads are set up correctly, making it easier for everyone involved. As we move forward in the ever-evolving world of digital advertising, The Cirqle remains committed to making partnership ads effective and straightforward for all.

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