Spark Ads or Partnership ads, which are better?

Spark Ads or Partnership ads, which are better?

Spark Ads or Partnership ads, which are better?
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Dien van Dijk
Dien van Dijk
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Feb 19, 2024

According to Insider Intelligence, US spending on sponsored social media content will rise 3.5 times faster than regular social ads in 2023, and will keep leading till 2025. 

This trend underscores a deeper shift in consumer behavior and preferences. Consumers today are seeking more authentic, relatable content, often turning to influencers and creators they trust for product recommendations and brand endorsements. Traditional, brand-powered ads, can sometimes come off as impersonal or overtly sales-driven, whereas sponsored content, especially when curated by a well-regarded creator, resonates as genuine and personal. This form of marketing not only amplifies brand visibility but also strengthens consumer trust and loyalty.

Furthermore, the authentic nature of sponsored content—often encompassing tutorials, testimonials, and real-life usage—provides a more comprehensive view of products or services, leading to better-informed consumers and, subsequently, more meaningful engagements resulting in higher sales and revenue. As brands look to the future, investing in creator marketing and leveraging sponsored content will likely become indispensable for achieving sustainable growth and maintaining a competitive edge in the digital realm.

This trend underscores a pivotal shift in the digital advertising landscape. The challenge for advertisers today is deciding which platform – TikTok or Meta – is best poised for creator collaborations, assessed by which channel drives the best ROI. This article will delve deep into the unique attributes of each platform, aiding you in harnessing their potential for your creator marketing campaigns.

Boosting Creator Content: The Key to Maximizing Reach and RoAS

Understanding the nuances of amplifying creator content on platforms like Meta and TikTok is essential in today's digital age. Why? Because extending the visibility of your creator's content directly correlates with a higher Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS). Simply put, the more people your content reaches, the better your returns. Don’t believe me? View some of our Success Stories.

By sponsoring a creator's posts, you venture beyond the standard audience base, creating Look-a-like audiences, tapping into vast networks that neither you nor the creator might access individually. This symbiotic strategy not only strengthens your brand's visibility but simultaneously boosts the creator's influence. Boosting creator ads via the creators handle, is labeled by Meta as partnership ads, while TikTok identifies them as Spark Ads. This collaborative approach, offering mutual benefits, paves the way for optimal engagement, making it a vital tool in a marketer's toolkit.

Decoding Partnership Ads (Meta) and Spark Ads (TikTok)

At first glance, Partnership Ads (as seen on Meta) and Spark Ads (on TikTok) might appear as regular in-feed posts. They maintain the authenticity of the platform with consistent usernames, profile pictures, and music tracks. However, subtle yet crucial differences set them apart. In the case of Partnership Ads, a 'paid partnership with [Brand's Name]' tag is prominently displayed below the creator's profile name (refer to the image on the right).

Meanwhile, Spark Ads sport a 'sponsored' label positioned above the music track (illustrated in the second image on the right). Recognizing these nuanced variations is crucial for both brands and audiences to understand the nature of the content they engage with.

Comparing Partnership Ads and Spark Ads: Which Suits Your Needs?

TikTok reports that when creators collaborate on branded content (spark ads) tailored to their platform, this yields positive results enhancing brand recall, video view rates and engagement (Refer to the statistics displayed on the right side of the image below). These statistics strongly indicate the benefits of working with creators on TikTok, which would imply that you should consider shifting your creator marketing efforts towards TikTok.

On the flip side, Meta presents compelling data, stating that a significant 87% of consumers follow creators on Meta platforms, while it would be only 48% on TikTok. Both platforms undeniably offer advantages for your creator marketing efforts, so let's explore the differences and benefits in detail to assist in selecting the most appropriate platform for your creator advertising requirements.

Choosing Between Partnership Ads (Meta) and Spark Ads (TikTok)

When mapping out your creator marketing strategy, deciding between Meta's Partnership Ads and TikTok's Spark Ads might seem like a daunting choice. But it's essential to realize that it's not a matter of superiority; it's about which platform aligns with specific goals at various stages of the creator marketing funnel. Or, you can consider using both, to strengthen multi-channel visibility for your business. A strategy we see the majority of our clients follow, as long as ROI remains intact.

Top of the Funnel: Brand Awareness & Reach

TikTok excels at this early stage. The platform's dynamism – characterized by its captivating short videos and branded challenges – offers a prime environment for content to go viral. If you're aiming to amplify brand visibility and capture a vast audience's interest swiftly, Spark Ads on TikTok can be your best bet.

Mid-Funnel: Precision Targeting & Engagement

This is where Meta's expertise is undeniable. Its advanced targeting capabilities, provides brands with a unique blend of advantages, especially in the realm of precision targeting. Creators have cultivated dedicated and engaged followers, offering an authentic touchpoint for brands to engage with. By utilizing Meta's Lookalike Audience feature, brands can target users who share similarities with the creator's audience, extending reach and potential conversions. This not only maximizes visibility but also taps into an audience already primed for engagement. 

Beyond reach, the wealth of data-driven insights from Meta allows brands to identify high-performing content, understand user demographics, and refine subsequent ad strategies. Additionally, the power of retargeting means that brands can re-engage users who have shown interest but haven't taken the desired action yet. With creators adding their unique voice, Partnership Ads become more authentic, seamlessly integrating into users' feeds, leading to a less intrusive and more resonant advertising experience. In short, Partnership Ads on Meta fuse the authenticity of creator content with sophisticated targeting, offering a potent blend for brands seeking impactful engagement.

Bottom of the Funnel: Creators Driving Conversions & Loyalty

At this crucial stage, creators are instrumental in driving results on both platforms. On Meta, creators have historically leveraged the platform's precision targeting and data analytics to produce content that directly leads to conversions, capitalizing on Meta's established reputation for delivering effective ROI. Their ability to tap into specific audience segments means that their promotional content is highly tailored and more likely to result in a sale or desired action. Our collaboration with Secret Sales exemplified this potential. By strategically engaging with our UK creators' devoted audiences, Secret Sales amplified its regional footprint. This approach did more than just expand reach; it led to an impressive surge in conversion rates by 298%.

On the other hand, TikTok offers creators a more organic environment to foster deep connections with their audience. The platform's features like TikTok Live, duets, and reactions enable creators to engage in real-time, facilitating genuine interactions. This not only boosts immediate engagement but also nurtures long-term loyalty. Creators on TikTok have successfully built tight-knit communities, turning viewers into devoted fans and, ultimately, loyal customers to brands they endorse.

In essence, while creators on Meta focus on driving immediate conversions through tailored content, those on TikTok invest in building and nurturing a lasting relationship with their audience, translating to sustained brand loyalty.

A Creator-Centric Strategy with The Cirqle

Choosing between Partnership Ads on Meta and Spark Ads on TikTok isn't a matter of either-or; it's about harnessing the power of both for your creator marketing endeavors. Embracing a strategy tailored to the strengths of each platform ensures your collaborations with creators are both meaningful and impactful. With The Cirqle's performance creator marketing platform at your disposal, backed by powerful AI, navigating this complex landscape becomes straightforward. The Cirqle allows you to seamlessly integrate insights and strategies across platforms, ensuring your brand not only connects with its audience but also creates lasting resonance, conversions and ROI. 

In the rapidly changing world of creator marketing, a flexible, data-driven approach powered by software platforms like The Cirqle is the key to success.

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