How LOOKFANTASTIC managed to drive an 11x ROAS by adding partnership ads to the mix.

Explore how LOOKFANTASTIC, the no.1 online destination for beauty that offers a wide range of cosmetic, skincare, haircare and fragrance products, leveraged The Cirqle’s platform to promote LOOKFANTASTIC The Box.


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The Box is a monthly beauty box subscription from LOOKFANTASTIC. It was introduced as a way to provide customers with a curated selection of beauty products on a monthly basis, allowing them to discover new brands and products in a convenient and exciting way. Each box is carefully curated by a team of beauty experts who have a deep understanding of the latest trends, emerging brands and high-quality products.


LOOKFANTASTIC partnered up with The Cirqle to expand and enhance their performance marketing initiatives to accelerate growth. Instead of relying solely on regular social ads, LOOKFANTASTIC utilized The Cirqle’s platform to effortlessly incorporate engaging partnership ads into their campaign. Creators were invited to craft captivating Reels that authentically showcased the beauty and elegance of LOOKFANTASTIC’s products. By leveraging The Cirqle’s platform, LOOKFANTASTIC tapped into the potential of creator audiences and turned creator content into impactful partnership ads amplified through creator handles. The primary goal was to expand the brand's audience and achieve higher user conversions, further solidifying LOOKFANTASTIC's position in the UK market.

At LOOKFANTASTIC, we see the creator space as a huge opportunity within our paid marketing campaigns and are delighted to have driven such strong results through our work with The Cirqle.

Jason Hope, Global Head of Paid Social – Beauty
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The collaboration between LOOKFANTASTIC and The Cirqle produced strong outcomes. The inclusion of partnership ads alongside the regular social ads significantly boosted the campaign's effectiveness. While partnership ads ads alone already had a 14% increase in click through rate compared to regular social ads, incorporating both regular social ads and partnership ads into the mix, achieved a 27% higher click-through rate and a 9% lower cost per acquisition compared to regular social ads alone. Ultimately, the inclusion of partnership ads alongside regular social ads resulted in an impressive 11x RoAS improving LOOKFANTASTIC’s overall RoAS by 8%).

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