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Unlock success: The Cirqle’s cutting-edge Platform seamlessly integrates with YouTube, empowering Brands and Creators to collaborate effortlessly
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The Cirqle's Influencer Matchmaking - Hannah Howell Report Overview
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Why Youtube?

Boost your campaigns with YouTube creators

Empowering creators to effortlessly connect their YouTube accounts for enhanced collaboration. These creators are accessible to advertisers within The Cirqle’s cutting-edge campaign setup which now includes YouTube as an option for campaigns to drive engagement, revenue, or brand awareness
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Four benefits of advertising on YouTube

Advertisers and business will benefit from running YouTube ads. Let’s explore four quick benefits of running YouTube ads on The Cirqle
Increase reach
YouTube has over two billion users, which means you have a great opportunity to reach people looking for your products or services. You’ll reach more people who are browsing and watching videos on YouTube. The Cirqle's YouTube integration means you'll have access to these creator audiences in one single tool running all your ad campaigns.
Better customer targeting
YouTube offers advanced targeting, so you can reach the right people. You can target specific topics, keywords, and more. So, if you’re in fashion and beauty industry, you can target people watching videos like “summer's hottest fashion trends” or “cozy winter tops". With The Cirqle's in platform YouTube API integration, targetting becomes effortless.
Cost-effective advertising
YouTube ads are cost-effective and can work with your budget. If you run a cost per click (CPC) campaign, the average CPC falls around $3.21 per click. For the cost per view scale, the average is around $0.10 to $0.30 per view.
Track ad performance
When you invest money into a marketing campaign, you want to ensure it’s working. With YouTube ads, you can get insight into how your ads perform all in one place using The Cirqle's platform. You can see how long someone engages with your video ad or the point where they disengage.
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How does it work?

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The Cirqle's Influencer Matchmaking - Hannah Howell Report Overview
Brand Fit


We go beyond demographics, delving into brand values alignment, past campaign successes, and unique audience engagement styles. Forge connections that resonate, inspire, and deliver.
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Effortless YouTube account integration for Creators

Creators can now expand on their existing social channel integrations for even more opportunities to collaborate and partner with market leading brands and advertisers
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Loved by Industry Leaders
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Globally Awarded Influencer Software

The Cirqle is ranked #1 by clients and influencers. Our software is packed with amazing features, workflows and technologies to save costs and drive ROI.
Vast experience
We've been in the industry for 8 years. The time when TikTok didn't exist and IG Stories were still dead. We know a thing or two about scaling influencer.
365 support
Our software does the heavy lifting for you. However, if you're in need of more help, we're always here.
Highly scalable
Scale the influencer channel cross channel, across markets, with many influencers.
API Permissions
We handle permissions between your brand and your creators through API's. Fast, reliable and secure.

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