Veloretti's Creator Ads Drive a 23x Higher RoAS and a -93% Lower CPA

Veloretti is a renowned Amsterdam-based bicycle brand known for its stylish and high-quality bikes. They combine classic design with modern innovation to create lightweight, stylish and timeless bicycles that cater to riders of various ages. With a commitment to redefining urban commuting, Veloretti offers a diverse range of functional and aesthetically pleasing bicycles.


higher RoAS


lower CPA


higher CTR
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Veloretti, in collaboration with their marketing agency Zigt, sought to further explore creator marketing as a means to unlock a new growth channel. With the goal of expanding their reach and attracting a wider audience, they recognized the potential of utilizing creator ads. By leveraging the influence and creativity of content creators, Veloretti aimed to tap into their engaged communities and amplify their brand message in an authentic and relatable way. Through this pilot initiative, Veloretti and Zigt aimed to harness the power of creator marketing to drive marketing efficiencies and a higher Return on Ad Spend.


Veloretti successfully leveraged The Cirqle's software to pilot creator marketing in Germany. By partnering with local creators, they produced engaging Instagram Reels and Carousel images. The Cirqle's proprietary technology enabled these creative assets to be seamlessly transformed into creator ads, amplifying their reach with just one click. This approach allowed Veloretti to specifically target relevant and warm audiences in Germany, maximizing the impact of their marketing efforts and unlocking new growth opportunities in the market. In the preparation of the campaign, Veloretti created a split test between business as usual ads and branded content ads. The budget was evenly divided, and both the audience reach and duration remained constant during the campaign optimization process, which was focused on optimizing for "add to carts".

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The outcome was a significant rise of 32% in "add to carts" and Veloretti's implementation of creator ads yielded astonishing results. When compared to their regular social ads, the creator ads achieved a remarkable 23x higher Return on Ad Spend (RoAS), indicating a significant increase in revenue generated from their advertising investment. Additionally, the creator ads demonstrated a 93% lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), indicating more cost-effective customer acquisition. Furthermore, the creator ads delivered a 32% higher Click-Through Rate (CTR), indicating a higher level of engagement and interest from the target audience. These exceptional outcomes highlight the effectiveness of creator ads in driving impressive performance metrics for Veloretti, solidifying their decision to explore this growth channel further.

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