LEKKER Bikes leverages The Cirqle's Platform to Scale Brand Awareness and RoAS across Europe

In this case study, we delve into how LEKKER BIKES, a Dutch bicycle brand, leveraged The Cirqle’s creator platform to boost their performance marketing through partnership ads. Explore how The Cirqle’s software helped LEKKER BIKES achieve outstanding performance results, and unlock a new growth channel across The Netherlands and Germany.


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LEKKER bikes
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LEKKER Bikes is a blend of Dutch cycling tradition and modern Australian style. Born in Amsterdam and raised in Australia, this brand is all about enjoying city life on two wheels. Driven by a goal to change urban cycling in the German and Dutch markets, LEKKER Bikes leveraged the Cirqle’s software to streamline its paid creator marketing efforts, fostering a more engaging and vibrant cycling culture in these regions.


Leveraging partnership ads via The Cirqle's creator platform, LEKKER Bikes aimed to boost brand awareness in the Dutch and German markets while driving sales. Working with 8 creators in The Netherlands and 5 in Germany, they curated 15 and 10 pieces of content respectively, including Carousel and Reel formats. The strategy focused on maintaining LEKKER Bikes's unique style while reaching a wider audience, aiming for a positive RoAS in both markets.

"We are very satisfied with how The Cirqle helps streamline the process of running partnership ads."

Paulina Nordgren - Marketing Executive at LEKKER Bikes
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The campaign proved succesful, with a weighted average of 5.7x RoAS in the German and Dutch markets. The compelling creator content curated through The Cirqle’s platform contributed to a high Click-Through Rate (CTR), with a weighted average of 1.9%. Remarkably, the campaign also recorded a low Cost per Add to Cart at €17.23, facilitating LEKKER Bikes in precisely targeting interested audiences. This Cost per Add to Cart metric is particularly striking given the starting price of LEKKER Bikes at €1898. The outcomes of this campaign highlights the effectiveness of partnership ads in achieving enhancing brand visibility, engagement, and achieving a strong RoAS, harmoniously aligning with LEKKER Bikes' ambitious growth targets.

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