Secret Sales’ conversion rates soars by 298%

Explore how Secret Sales, an innovative online retailer, leveraged The Cirqle's software platform to enhance their creator marketing strategy, achieve outstanding performance results, and drive significant revenue growth while reducing costs. In this case study, we'll examine the challenges Secret Sales faced and reveal how The Cirqle’s software platform helped them to excel in the creator marketing space, driving actionable RoAS and revenue.


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Secret Sales
United Kingdom
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Secret Sales is the leading premium non-full-price marketplace for fashion, sportswear and beauty brands, and has cemented itself as one the fastest growing fashion ecommerce platforms in Europe. It’s a revolutionary new business model disrupting the discount sector. By solving the problem of excess inventory through a direct-to-consumer digital channel, brands and retailers can sell non-full-price stock in a way that drives growth and profitability, maintains brand equity and, in an industry-first, shares new customers for brands to target in their own full-price offerings.


Secret Sales chose to utilize The Cirqle's software to address key challenges in their creator marketing strategy. Despite having a strong brand presence, Secret Sales faced hurdles in identifying suitable creators, tracking performance metrics, managing creator permissions, and optimising and scaling ROI. By utilizing The Cirqle, a leading influencer marketing software platform, Secret Sales aimed to leverage their data-driven solutions to streamline and enhance their creator marketing initiatives, enabling them to reach the right audience, optimise campaigns in real-time, and ultimately, deliver higher returns on their marketing investments.

“Adding Creator Ads into our media mix enabled us to achieve significantly better results compared to our business-as-usual campaigns, and decrease the overall cost of media [across Meta technologies].”

Alex Adamson, SVP Digital Marketing Secret Sales
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Through The Cirqle's sofware, Secret Sales has seen exceptional results, including a remarkable +11% Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) and a staggering +298% increase in conversion rate in their home market, the UK. These impressive figures have been achieved through Partnership Ads, demonstrating the potency of strategic creator marketing. The Cirqle's data-led approach has facilitated precise creator selection, bespoke campaigns, and real-time optimisation, all contributing to a highly effective marketing strategy that has significantly enhanced Secret Sales' market performance. These standout results underscore the tremendous value of the ongoing added value of The Cirqle's. As they move forward, the software will continue to enable Secret Sales to harness the power of Partnership Ads and data-led strategies to sustain this positive trajectory and deliver exceptional results.

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