's Poelhekke (MD) on Community & Covid

High-end design, without the high-end price tag? That's kind of our thing. We work directly with independent designers and makers to create pieces you'll love, that are MADE to last. This is our dream and passion however a new reality also seems to be lasting with us for the unforeseeable future. Health and safety of our loved ones comes first.

Period. Over the past and next few weeks, as our customers and friends adapt to the disruption of COVID-19, we’re putting them first in all our comms. Not just because our brand reputation depends on it, but because we know it will result in content that builds trust and drives loyalty. Giving them what they need is our and should be your no.1 priority. 

Primary focus is our Community. Whenever we communicate with our customers during this period, we put their needs first. Whether that’s our employees, our advocates, our customers or followers on social. We will be listening attentively to find out their needs and we’ll be doing all we can to respond to them. If they want new ideas for bringing their home office to life, we’ve got plenty. If they need some inspo to brighten up the living room they’ve been spending a-bit-too-much time in lately, we’ve got plenty of that too. And, if they fancy a bit of a to focus on things higher up their to-do list, we’ll make sure we don’t add to the noise.

Our secondary focus is Commerce. We’ve had to close some of our showrooms, but our online ship is still up and running 24/7. It’s an unpredictable time for everyone right now, but we’re certain that we’ll be offering the best we can, for as long as possible.

People are searching for solutions

They want ideas for upended travel plans, kids stuck at home, working- and working out – from home. They’re seeking positivity. The constant stream of online news can get overwhelming. More than ever, people need a positive place on the internet. And they’re still planning for the future. When the present is uncertain, it’s important to have a place to plan for the future.

In order to succeed we need to carefully balance the needs and wants of our Community with keeping the engine running. Although we all share the same enemy, every country is facing different stages of uncertainty. We take a 6-step plan to understand these differences, to and adapt our content and marketing to the specific needs. 

  1. HUMANISE and acknowledge the reality of the situation that is facing all of us
  2. REDUCE the noise and number of sales-driven comms you send to customers
  3. LISTEN to what your audience wants and needs
  4. HELP your community by bringing them useful and valuable content
  5. ENTERTAIN when boredom eventually kicks in, be there with fun content and inspo
  6. PLAN once you’re through the worst of this, help your community to go back to ‘normal’. For us this is helping them in the inevitable refurb of their beautiful homes

Balancing the above and understanding the needs and wants is key in creating the right content for your community. 

Keeping that engine running. 

Uncertain times bring discomfort, but also brilliant opportunities, focus on the latter and you can find them everywhere. You know how to produce the right content for your ‘needing want wanting’ community, they now have all the time in the world to be inspired and activated by it. Engage with your community as this has never been so attractive. PPC and Paid Social acquisitions costs are at all-time lows. Influencers and brand advocates are literally waiting at home eager to engage with your brand as they’re widely available due to the lack of assignments. Look at your organisation responsibly and transform yourself into this flexible and lean organisation, prepare for the unknown. But most importantly: put your community first. And please, once you’ve (re)invented yourself and are in an efficient and good position again, embrace the opportunity and come out of this new reality stronger than ever.

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