Introducing: Influencer compensation and rate negotiation

Introducing: Influencer compensation and rate negotiation

Influencer compensation product versus paid and rate negotiation
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Jan 31, 2024

A key aspect of great influencer partnerships is fair compensation, a topic that is typically up for interpretation and always raises questions amongst brands and advertisers: how (much) should influencers be paid? What's the ideal compensation model? And how do you balance fair-pay with your own budget constraints? This article will provide guidance around what’s “normal” in terms of compensation and what to look out for in your decision-making.

Influencer Compensation Strategy

Influencer compensation isn't just about the amount the influencer receives; it's about crafting a strategy that aligns with your marketing objectives and budget. At The Cirqle, a unique model is employed where creators set their own rates for their partnerships, depending on the deliverables or amount of posts/content that is being asked by the advertiser. This strategy is grounded in the belief that creators understand their worth and they have the ability to raise their hand while determining their own price. Influencers possess the deepest knowledge of their audiences and are very aware of the effort required to produce the deliverables and their associated costs as well. The rates creators set on our platform for brand-engagement always include a full digital license for a period of 90, 180 or 365 days.

This approach empowers creators, fostering a sense of autonomy, authenticity and respect. It's a model that acknowledges the unique skills, creativity, and effort involved in content creation and tapping into an audience that was otherwise not accessible before. This empowerment leads to more authentic and engaging content, as creators are incentivized to produce their best work when they feel their efforts are appropriately valued.

Product based incentive

With almost every brand campaign launched on our platform, a product incentive is included for creators so that the creative assets that are required to be produced speak about the product advertised. This means that in addition to the creator's rate, they will also receive the advertisers’ product or service for free. Some advertisers choose to run a product-incentive-only campaign. While this is a cost-effective strategy that can possibly help with selective creator matching (only creators who love the product would apply), the downside in product-only campaigns is that creators invest a lot of time and resources into producing content. For some, the product itself may simply not be sufficient to compensate and these creators will choose not to apply for your campaign.

Complexity with fair influencer compensation

While The Cirqle’s approach to influencer compensation - including creator rates and product incentives - aligns well with many marketing objectives it's not without complexities. As discussed in one of the latest articles on CPM (Cost Per Mille) assessment there are instances where creator rates may not align with market norms or simply your expectations. This discrepancy can arise from various factors such as 1) a creator's perception of their market value, 2) a misunderstanding of the brand's budget limitations, or 3) a lack of awareness about industry-standard rates.

Understanding these challenges is crucial for both creators and advertisers in crafting effective, sustainable, and mutually beneficial influencer partnerships. Recognizing the importance of this balance, we have integrated a negotiation tool into our platform. This innovative feature makes it possible to negotiate a creator's bid, when their initial proposal doesn't align with your budget or when you seek to optimize the cost-effectiveness of your campaign without compromising the value offered to the creators.

Negotiating rates through our platform

Our newly introduced price negotiation feature is a transformative tool designed to enhance collaboration between advertisers and creators. This new feature allows for direct negotiation, ensuring that both parties reach a mutually agreeable rate. When a creator fits all the right criteria within your budget, you can immediately send a contract. However, if you prefer to propose a lower rate, the "Negotiate Counter Offer" option allows brands to propose a new rate. Advertisers can now present a counteroffer with a specific budget, reasoning, and even a rate-ceiling. Creators receive instant notifications of their offers and have the option to accept or renegotiate the counteroffer. The system seamlessly manages these negotiations and automatically shares an agreement when the terms have been agreed. This feature is a game-changer, aiming to reduce cost per content and expand opportunities for collaboration, thereby enhancing overall campaign performance and driving fair pay for creators.


Influencer compensation should be rooted in both creator autonomy and strategic financial planning. Our platform's unique blend of creator-set bids, product incentives, and a sophisticated CPM assessment model addresses the core challenges of balancing fair compensation with budgetary and marketing objectives. The introduction of the price negotiation feature further enhances this ecosystem, providing a dynamic and flexible tool for advertisers to fine-tune compensation in alignment with their specific campaign needs. The Cirqle, through these initiatives, continues to redefine the standards of influencer marketing, fostering a community where creativity and business acumen thrive in harmony.

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