Meta: House of Instagram Event in Paris featuring The Cirqle

Meta: House of Instagram Event in Paris featuring The Cirqle

Meta: House of Instagram Event Paris featuring The Cirqle
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Mar 14, 2024

Creator marketing is set to grow to approximately $100 billion in 2022, and Meta is leading the charge in developing tools to support marketers and creators alike.

We were recently invited to speak at the Meta House of Instagram event in Paris on the power of the creator economy and how brands and creators are leveraging technology to scale their partnerships and grow their businesses.

Our very own Damien Poelhekke, Interim CMO at The Cirqle, and Veronica Marangi, Head of Partner Solutions, took the stage to chat through the biggest trends in Creator Marketing. Keep reading for the top takeaways from the keynote.

Our world is a social planet: built by creators.

There's a new performance marketing paradigm that's been introduced by creators as a result of attribution and tracking challenges in the marketing world. It’s more important than ever that brands lean into creating volume, velocity, and variance of content to be able to find resonance with customers in ways that really drive impact.

One of the only scalable ways to do so is by tapping into content creators's own channels, who are essentially individual creative studios that can drive home performance in ways that resonate with the built-in audience of the creator and the brand's objective of delivering return.

Not only can brands drive full-funnel growth by leveraging creators’ content on organic channels, but there’s also an opportunity to drive even more impact by repurposing the highest performing content on paid channels — particularly through the plethora of tools that Meta provides, such as Branded Content Ads and Whitelisting, which is a feature that's natively integrated in The Cirqle platform. No more downloading and uploading of content into the Facebook Business Manager!!

Brands stuggle to scale Creator marketing

There’s huge budgets on creators of which the vast majority is on organic creative for which we can’t measure performance. In the current market, brands want to know exactly what the return is on their media spends to see if their money is driving value for the business.

These two-way relationships are paving the way for brand-creator partnerships that are more authentic, more creative, and more impactful. Having said that, they're just the very beginning of any partnership and enable brands to get content and creative assets out, but just not any performance. The Cirqle powers best-in-class creator creative ready to be turned into ads boosted through creator channels. Discover what organic and paid creative is moving the needle for your business and dedicate paid spends behind it to amplify performance through The Cirqle's platform.

Here's a couple of shots of the event in Paris:

The difference Creator Marketing technology can make for your business

Creators are people. When you’re investing in a person, it is inherently different than just investing in a channel. We've written extensively about the importance of not just leveraging creators to product great creative, but more importantly, using their channels as a means of advertising. Creator powered ads drive 95% of any influencer marketing's performance, there's no doubt about it. Don't believe it? The proof is right here. We have over 40 success stories highligting the performance we've been able to achieve by using our technology.

Scaling Creator Marketing is powered by software

In our view, marketers have defaulted to top funnel stats for too long taking into account impression(s), reach and engagement as the sole metrics to base their decisions on. And although we’re absolutely not negating the importance of strong top-funnel results, simple data points illustrate you can’t pay the bills from a campaign that has driven a billion impressions but hardly any sales.

Modern day software and a data-driven approach enable anyone to compare RoAS figures across high performing creators and creative(s) with the flick of a switch, as long as the right software is in place. We've written extensively about driving performance through creator channels in our blogs and have defined success time-over-time for D2C e-commerce brands across Europe and the United States of America.

Are you interested in learning more? Reach out to us here for more information on how you can leverage creator marketing for performance.

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