Mobile Wallet Technology - The Answer To COVID-19 Marketing Woes

Before COVID-19 rocked our world, the largest consideration set for Mobile Wallet Technology usage was to drive consumers to make in-store purchases. However, in the face of a new consumer ecosystem, mobile wallet technology can open new doors to best in class customer service and online sales conversions. Here’s how:

Speak directly to consumers. At its core, mobile wallet technology does not just enable sales, but it provides a direct-to-consumer communication vehicle. Via mobile push notifications, you can send your consumers geo-targeted updates on what products are available, which ones are delayed and what steps you’re taking to restock. This builds brand trust and loyalty at a time when consumers don’t know where their next roll of toilet paper is coming from. 

Provide online offers that would have otherwise been available in-store. Economic projections for the remainder of 2020 are nothing short of daunting. If your brand was offering in-store coupons at select retailers or manufacturer coupons, consumers need them now more than ever. That said, to avoid exposure, consumers are also looking to avoid making in-store purchases and opting for online purchases instead. While mobile wallet tech is typically used to conquer the hurdle of in-store purchases, it can be easily pivoted to focus on online ones. In fact, integrating with online retailer POS systems is typically less labor intensive and time consuming than in-store integrations. Here’s how it works - rather than putting a QR code or a barcode on the mobile wallet card, we include a discount code that can be used at online checkout. The mobile wallet card explains how to use the discount code and where it’s valid. We can even include a hyperlink on the card to drive directly to the product to ensure agile conversion. 

Shift offer locations in real-time based on ever-changing supply availability. Supply chains across the world have been completely rocked by consumer hoarding behavior leaving some with droves of supplies and others in critical need of essential products. As a result, it can seem imprudent to launch a campaign driving consumers to a particular retailer or even launching a national campaign instead of hyper-local ones. With mobile wallet technology, we can launch across several retailers in a hyper-local capacity and shift strategy fairly quickly. This is key as you look to provide up-to-date information for consumers about what offers and products are available and where. For example, one day a mobile wallet offer could champion a hyperlink and online discount code to buy at Target, but if supply runs out on that day, the next day it can be shifted to speak to an offer at CVS Pharmacy. Likewise, if one day the supply is available at Target in Boston but not in New York City, we can simply send geo-located notifications to consumers in the Boston area rather than those in NYC. This custom, agile approach is critical to success with consumers in such a volatile buying market. 

Easily pivot to in-store activations when the time is right. If driving in-store purchases was your original marketing goal, and you want to resume achieving that goal once things die down with COVID-19, that’s not a problem. As we work with you to have consumers use the mobile wallet offers focused on the online sales funnel, we can parallel path an in-store model integration. Then, when the time is right, we can easily shift the mobile wallet cards to speak to the same consumers about in-store offers instead of online ones. Since communities may not all recover from the COVID-19 crisis and return to normal life at the same speed, we can work closely with you to customize the strategy to ensure proper audience sets are being reached with proper marketing.  

Interested in learning more? We’re happy to develop a proposal for you with a custom mock of the user experience and a price/results template for consideration. Feel free to reach out to me at

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