Snapchat: why now?

Snapchat: why now?

As we’re all navigating these unprecedented times, consumers are turning to Snapchat to stay connected to their friends and family. Staying close while being apart has never been more important than it is today.
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Dec 15, 2023

As we’re all navigating these unprecedented times, consumers are turning to Snapchat to stay connected to their friends and family. Staying close while being apart has never been more important than it is today.

So for those less familiar with Snapchat we’ll briefly explain ‘what Snapchat is’, ‘how it works’ and ‘why should brands start advertising on Snapchat today?

What’s Snapchat

Snapchat is a platform that’s centered around (visual) communication with your real friends through our camera by using tools such as Lenses, Filters, Bitmoji’s and Cameos. To ease communication between friends, messaging on Snapchat is ephemeral from the very beginning. Friendship is reciprocal, and there are no vanity metrics such as ‘likes’ or ‘followers’, all to make sure you can express yourself in the way you would like to. After all, we don’t want you to compete with your friends for popularity or attention on our platform.

Advertising on Snapchat can be done through a variety of formats such as AR Lenses, Filters and Snap Ads.

Ways to Reach our Community

AR Lenses

AR Lenses live in the camera, before someone records or takes a picture. Unlike any other platform, AR isn’t ‘new’ or ‘experimental’, as we’ve run hundreds of thousands of camera campaigns - learning about what works and how to drive impactful business results.

AR provides real utility for the Snapchat community and provides real results for advertisers. This high level of engagement with AR has made Snapchat an appealing platform to build and contribute new AR experiences. This is because the Snapchat community is an active one that engages in content creation.


Filters & Creative tools are added after someone takes a photo or video. There’s great value in adding creative elements such as filters to personalize your content. For advertisers it's about joining relevant moments for your brand and building advocacy with filters and stickers

Snap Ads

Snap Ads are the best and most immersive full-screen video ads in the market, available in several formats.

Story Ads are curated 3-20s video ads prominently featured in discover. This format is ideal to draw Snapchatters into a series of Snaps with a sponsored Discover tile that lives alongside popular content tailored to their preferences.

Commercials are 6s non-skippable, full-screen, audio-enabled ad units that appear within Snapchat’s Show content (with optional extended play up to 3 minutes).

Collection Ads are Snap Ads designed for e-commerce ROI and have interactive elements beyond the standard calls to action (Swipe Up, Screenshot, Share), presenting a catalogue of products on the Top Snap with multiple attachments.

Dynamic Ads enable you to import your Product Catalog and employing the Snap Pixel on your website, we can power a Dynamic Ads campaign. Dynamic Ads is our latest offering that will increase the depth of our capabilities, particularly for eCommerce brands. A number of sophisticated features have come together, from tracking campaigns with the Snap Pixel, to the ability to optimize campaigns towards purchases, to syncing of your product catalog. Dynamic Ads bring personalization to the platform in an automated way, opening new ways to scale and drive impact very easily.

Why now?

Real connections are more important than ever before, and Snapchat is a platform for close friends. For that reason we’ve seen a sharp increase in activity across Chat, calling, Snap Games and AR as communication with friends increased by over 30% in the last week of March compared to the last week of January.

Snapchat is the fastest way to express yourself and communicate. Why send a text when a Snap is worth a thousand words. That’s why we open to the camera.

Our camera is so much more than a tool to take a picture. It’s a starting point for things like location creative tools, face & surface tracking, audio listening for Shazam, and more. Which is why more than 60% of our community create Snaps with our camera every day.

How can brands navigate unprecedented times?

As you pivot your marketing strategy, there are several ways you can leverage the power of the Camera to reach your audience during this time. These three tips can help as you create a successful Lens AR Experience for your brand.

Tip 1: Create an experience that entertains, educates, or inspires.

AR is a core part of the experience for Snapchatters. Over 75% of our community engages with augmented reality every day, on average. 2 Snapchatters embrace AR experiences as a way to have fun with the Camera and enhance their lives on a daily basis. Think of AR as a way for your brand to create the most impactful and engaging experiences that will keep your brand top-of-mind.

Tip 2: Empower Snapchatters to express their emotions.

AR adds an element of wonder and self-expression to the world, making it easy and fun for Snapchatters to share a mood and a feeling within the expressive canvas of our Camera. With emotions running high during this time, we’ve seen playtime with Sponsored Lens AR experiences increase by 18% as the COVID-19 crisis has developed. 1 AR Lenses that empower Snapchatters to communicate with a full range of emotions are resonating more than ever because it easily enables our community to share advice, and send love and support to close friends all over the world.

Tip 3: Drive trial by bringing your product to Snapchatters.

Product discovery happens time and time again through AR on mobile phones. We have seen that Snapchatters are interested in 'trying' on products through AR before buying: Lens swipe up rate with Sponsored Lenses has increased by 22% during late March compared to late February. 1 Brands can drive awareness and consideration using AR Lenses to create digital replicas of products in this virtual setting, making their products accessible to Snapchatters from anywhere.

Key stats:
  • 249 million Daily Active Users
  • Snapchat reaches 90% of 13-24 y/o in the US, that’s more than FB, IG and Twitter - Combined..
  • >4 Billion Snaps are created with our camera, every day
  • >80% of Daily Active Snapchatters interact with Augmented Reality Every Day
  • Our Community spends >30min a Day on Snapchat
  • Our Community opens our camera 30x a Day, on Average

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