Upgrade Your Email Marketing with Influencers & Mobile Wallet Tech

With marketers looking for new ways to connect with consumers during quarantine, digital mediums are the obvious answer. However, when it comes to breaking down which digital marketing methods are most effective, email marketing might not always rise to the top as the obvious choice. And yet, the below stats on email marketing efficacy during COVID-19 might surprise you:

  • Globally, email open rates among retailers are rising 25% week-on-week
  • Generally, there is a 5-10% increase in daily email open rates 
  • Email marketing interactions on desktop of increased significantly as consumers began to work from home on desktop computers
  • Email marketing has seen an average rise in conversion rate of 1.45%

Interesting, no? So how can we as marketers take advantage of this rising consumer consideration for email marketing?

Make your email marketing stand out. Everyone will be using the same bag tricks -- catchy subject lines, optimized distribution days/times, custom layout designs, etc. And we’re not saying that’s not valuable, but how can your email stand out among a sea of lookalikes? Why not include influencer content within the email. Seeing a familiar face that reminds them of their own, rather than a corporate email, may be a great way to garner consumer attention. Especially coupling the influencer content in the email alongside other influencer efforts on social media is a way to hit the consumer at multiple online touch points with similar messaging from a trusted third party. 

Make your offers more potent by extending consumer consideration. No, we don’t mean give away things for free or nearly free. Rather, make those offers work harder for you by building up reach and frequency to extend the consumer consideration phase beyond the quick email open. How? Mobile Wallet Technology. Don’t just ask consumers to click out to your website to make a purchase right at that moment. They’re juggling work calls, homeschooling kids, mountains of laundry, zoom happy hours with friends, etc. Let them save that offer to their phone for safe keeping as a reminder for a later time when they can shop at their leisure. Afraid they’ll forget it’s saved on their phone? No problem. Mobile wallet tech enables you to send push notifications to their phone to remind them to make purchases at a time that might be more convenient - say around 9pm once the kids have gone to bed. 

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