TikTok Usage Growth & Trends Amid Quarantine

While TikTok was already starting to have its moment ahead of the COVID-19 crisis, quarantine lifestyles have only increased usage of the platform. In the USA alone starting the week of March 16th, TikTok downloads rose 18% week over week according to Music Business Worldwide. Additionally, some are seeing increased engagement on TikTok as high as 27%. 

Like most social media platforms, TikTok is bringing people together virtually when they can’t be together in person; but, singular to the platform is its ability to provide group entertainment for those quarantining together.

In particular, the dance craze surrounding TikTok has become a fun means of escapism from the humdrum of quarantine. Some of the trends rising to the top include:

  • Boredom Anthem started by a Detroit rapper and brought to fame when Tyga made it into a full length song 
  • #BlindingLightsChallenge inspired by song from The Weeknd has become popular among children who want to get their parents in on the fun 
  • Coincidance is a song about dancing that has two parts where people can lip sync the words and dance together
  • Flip The Switch is a comedic gimmick where a group is in one position, and then switches outfits/roles after a light is turned on and off 
  • #SomethingNewChallenge a line dance that can be done with several people taking turns - JLo and ARod among other celebrities recently did this with their children 

Beyond entertainment, TikTok dance videos have also been used to share PSAs about COVID-19. For example:

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