TikTok Creators: Running TikTok Ads that Convert

TikTok Creators: Running TikTok Ads that Convert

TikTok Creators: running TikTok ads that convert
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Jan 31, 2024

By now, it's highly likely that you're familiar with the phrase: "TikTok made me buy it." The impact of the short-form video platform on consumer behavior is undeniable, and as a brand, you should use this opportunity to enhance your visibility and bottom funnel results. In this article we’ll dive into how your business can gain value from working with creators on TikTok. We’ll also share TikTok insights you should be tapping into when running Spark ads with creators on TikTok and what creative(s) drive the most conversions.

Spark Ads

Similar to Meta’s Partnership Ads, Spark Ads offer brands the opportunity to create ads, using organic content, all the while preserving the authenticity of creators' organic and authentic posts. Similar to organic content, Spark Ads are displayed in a full-screen format with sound-on by default within the mobile app, and can be liked, commented on or shared. The difference between a regular (organic) post and a spark ad is shown in the picture below. Organic posts on the creators profile won’t have a ‘Paid Partnership’ logo or a Call to Action button. 

Notable advantages of TikTok Spark Ads (compared to regular TikTok Ads) include providing viewers with an authentic brand experience, as the content originates from an organic creator's TikTok page. TikTok has also reported an increase in ad performance when running these ads, including a +30% completion rate, a +142% engagement rate, a +43% conversion rate, and a cost per mille reduction of 4% compared to non-Spark Ads. This translates into a more cost-effective advertising solution with higher viewer engagement, better conversion rates, and a reduced cost per impression, ultimately delivering a stronger return on investment for brands. For creators, similar to partnership ads on Facebook, TikTok also noted an increase in engagement for the creators whose content was used for Spark Ads.

How to Create Spark Ads on TikTok?

When running Spark Ads, creators need to grant permission for their posts to be used in advertising campaigns. Traditionally, the creator would need to go into the TikTok app to grant these permissions to the advertiser and then send the TikTok spark code to the advertiser. However, The Cirqle’s software has greatly simplified and improved on this process. Once our clients have launched their TikTok campaign brief, outlining their content requirements and brand guidelines (a screenshot of an example of a TikTok creative brief is provided below for reference), creators apply for your campaign.

After the client has made a selection of creators based on their profiles (see platform screenshot above), creators can start to upload their TikTok’s into our platform. When the content is approved, creators post their content on TikTok as they would regularly. Our software automatically shares a Spark code with the creator which establishes the connection between advertiser <-> and creator. This Spark code is then uploaded to the platform by the creator for final approval.

What’s next?

When opening TikTok, the advertiser can create a campaign, and set up an ad group. On the ad level, the client can select the ‘Spark Ads’ format, and under ‘Upload Creatives’, they can click on ‘Select posts from library’. Here, the client will find all approved posts that they can use. They then have the option to add a CTA button and a landing page they want to lead viewers to. 

Things to keep in mind when running Spark Ads

TikTok Spark Ads for your brand automatically imply that it’s important to understand differences from Partnership Ads and how they impact your advertising effectiveness. Instead of copying advertising content from creators on Meta, it’s essential for your creators to understand the platform dynamics to optimize their creative for TikTok. Unlike ads on platforms like Meta, where creatives can vary in ratio, TikTok requires a 9:16 ratio, as otherwise it will show your ad with black ratios on the bottom and top. TikTok creatives should be short-form video, designed for sound-on (while Meta should be designed for sound-of by default), trends and challenges. 

Another important thing to note is that TikTok users encounter a high number of ads on their personalized For You page. Therefore, to combat ad fatigue on TikTok, advertisers should continuously refresh creative content on a bi-weekly basis at the minimum. Another key strategy is diversifying your mix of creators. Choose multiple creators and ask them to create multiple pieces of content . Choosing different creators will enhance the chance of a successful creative.

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