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Best Influencer Marketing Campaign

PRovoke Sabre Awards – 2020

Johnson & Johnson - Band-Aid RED

SABRE AWARD 2020 - Johnson & Johnson's Band-Aid Red Campaign, for the fight against HIV/AIDS

Using The Cirqle Platform®, Band-Aid RED created a full-blown full-funnel digital marketing campaign, eliminating the use of spreadsheets across the organization and enabling users cross-teams and agencies to collaboratively build a robust campaign.

4,6 mln





Campaign ROI
Johnson & Johnson - Band-Aid RED
New Brunswick, USA
Yearly revenue
$82 bln
Social networks activated for this campaign


For more than 25 years, Johnson & Johnson has been deeply committed to developing treatment, prevention and an eventual cure for HIV/AIDS. And now, with the launch of (BAND-AID®)RED bandages, everyone can support the fight because every box sold contributes 20 cents to the Global Fund. BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages is encouraging people to #BANDTOGETHER and wear their (BAND-AID®)RED bandages as a symbol of collective action. Through the sale of (BAND-AID®)RED bandages and an additional corporate donation, Johnson & Johnson will support Global Fund programming that offers treatment, prevention and care services needed to end AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.


The goal of this campaign was to drive awareness of this partnership and serve as a call-to-action for people in the fight to end AIDS, leveraging The Cirqle's Create Platform. That’s why Band-Aid® + (RED) have come together in their effort to #BandTogether and end AIDS in our lifetime. We needed the help of influencers all over the United States to wear Band-Aid® + (RED) bandages as a symbol of their collective action and share the movement online using #BandTogether. Plus, every purchase of Band-Aid® + (RED) bandages contributed enough to provide a day’s work of life-saving HIV medication that helps prevent the transmission of the virus from a mother to her child in Sub-Sarah Africa. As a result, BAND-AID® was looking to partner up with 70 Micro-influencers and 6-8 Macro influencers aged 18-36 who are authentically interested in the Band-Aid® + (RED) campaign while supporting the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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"What is so beautiful about what Johnson & Johnson and RED and Band-Aid are doing is that so much of this work is about educating people, providing medication, [but] then they’re also working to find a cure. These things have to go hand in hand if we really want to do the work of fighting HIV/AIDS globally."

Jerry Maestas, Influencer
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4,6 mln
3,1 mln
Return on Investment

Aiming for 2.3 million impressions and 122 posts, we garnered a whopping 4,6 million impressions and 503 social posts, due to the deep partnership that garnered loyalty centered around a strong belief, in combatting the fight against HIV/AIDS. Half of the bonus posts were on Instagram, which is a highly valuable spot, and much of this can be attributed to several key influencers that helped this campaign perform above and beyond. The value behind this campaign and the concept of helping people in need by sharing content with deep social-good beliefs embedded into the campaign really made this campaign perform superb.

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