Discover how Martini Drove 2.1K Mobile Wallet Cards Downloads and a 18.5% Engagement Rate

Martini is a well-known liquor brand with a legacy enduring more than 150 years. The brand known for shaping the aperitivo occasion in the world came to The Cirqle with a business need: to solidify its position within a younger demographic. Martini partnered with The Cirqle and set out to achieve this goal by driving awareness, building a sense of community, increasing and maintaining customer loyalty and driving ROI, all within a scalable framework.


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Bacardi | Martini
Antwerp, Belgium
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To determine success, Martini wanted users to join their Loyalty Pass via Mobile Wallet Card downloads which would allow them to communicate directly with their target audience. They also wanted to see clicks to their website, engagements, and a lift in brand awareness among their target demographic.


The Cirqle platform effectively filtered through its robust influencer database and generated a list of highly engaging creators that met Martini's target audience criteria. It narrowed the search down to 4 influencers with strong creative and high authenticity scores. The influencers focused their creative efforts on showcasing the benefits of joining Martini's Loyalty Club by downloading the Mobile Wallet Card, allowing them to immediately unlock in-store discounts, free recipes, demos, and more. The output was over a dozen high-resolution, educational pieces of content created for the brand. The Cirqle then leveraged these assets to create a full-funnel strategy, using beautiful, engaging imagery at the top of the funnel to increase awareness, and rotating in more educational pieces of content mid and lower funnel to secure conversions. Through a rigorous test and learn approach and in-platform optimizations, The Cirqle prioritized educational creative that showcased the Loyalty Pass in action, sementing the value proposition of the pass in the minds of primed audiences and encouraging a steady stream of downloads throughout the campaign flight.

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The results were incredible and our approach generated positive results for Martini in more ways than one. The Cirqle's Mobile Wallet Card technology enabled the brand to directly communicate with their target audience while building strong affinity and awareness for their Loyalty Pass program. We secured over 2.1k mobile wallet card downloads and generated 4.1m impressions and 772k engagements, and an average engagement rate of 18.5%.

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