HelloFresh drives -14% lower CPA and a 10x CTR increase

HelloFresh is a global meal kit delivery service that offers pre-measured ingredients and recipes to make cooking at home easier. The company operates in several countries, sources from local suppliers, and aims to reduce food waste. HelloFresh has served over 7.3 million active customers, with revenue of €4.2 billion in 2020. In a highly competitive industry, the company is constantly looking for ways to differentiate itself and connect with potential customers.


lower CPA


increase of CTR


Hello Fresh
Berlin, Germany
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Branded Content Ads, in partnership with creators, have become increasingly important for HelloFresh. The combination provides a unique and effective way to connect with potential customers while creators develop highly engaging and authentic content, driving outsized performance. With a clear strategy in mind, HelloFresh set out driving conversion through Branded Content Ads to increase customer purchase intent and consideration as the main objective. To further increase the effectiveness of these ads, Branded Content Ads enabled HelloFresh to target specific creator audiences based on factors such as interests, demographics, and purchasing behavior. This allowed the company to reach customers who are interested in HelloFresh’s products and services, increasing the likelihood of conversions significantly.


Leveraging The Cirqle for scaling Branded Content Ads, HelloFresh partnered with The Cirqle to identify and collaborate with the most talented content creators in the UK market. The Cirqle’s creator platform facilitates easy campaign setup to enable access to creator audiences and manage rights with one click, and to measure the impact of Branded Content Ads to help optimize performance. By leveraging their partnership with The Cirqle, HelloFresh were able to produce highly engaging creator content and unlock new powerful audiences to scale Branded Content Ads that are among their current top performing ads across the business. To maximize reach, we employed a range of content formats including videos, images, and Facebook posts.

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HelloFresh Branded Content Ads were a resounding success, resulting in a 14% CPA reduction while increasing CTR by 10x, driving customer conversions, when compared to business-as-usual ads. The Cirqle’s creator ads platform enabled HelloFresh to reach new audiences and expand its customer base, driving significant higher customer engagement and purchase intent.

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