How Body&Fit Laid The Foundation For A 3.8 RoAS.

Body & Fit wanted to drive a positive RoAS and solidify Body&Fit's new brand direction across six key European countries (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy).






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Body & Fit
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With 25 years of experience under their belt in the fitness space, Body&Fit has one of the most comprehensive and innovative product ranges in the world. With a mission to make sports nutrition and healthy living accessible, and to inspire the world to live a healthier and fitter life, they underwent a complete re-brand and launched this through The Cirqle's influencer platform. To give this new direction both credence and authority, Body&Fit leveraged an always-on team of influencers through The Cirqle's software and delivered a steady drumbeat of both static and video content across Instagram and TikTok.


The strategy was two-fold. Phase I: Laying the foundation of the new brand direction in Body&Fit's markets. Changing the perception that not to be just for bodybuilders — but an inclusive brand for everyone who wishes to live a healthier life. To do this, influencers were contracted to represent diverse walks of life: be it veganism, personal training, or football enthusiasts. Expanding the definition of health to a new audience(s) worked and the influencer content managed to achieve a CPE of €0.50 which speaks to the level of people wanting to engage with the new brand direction. Phase II: Once the new brand direction cemented itself, The Cirqle's software enabled to follow up with the bottom-of-the-funnel initiatives. Discounts, product testimonials, and how-to’s — all completed the purchase funnel. With the data analysed from the first phase, Body&Fit knew exactly what type of content would move the needle and landed on a conversion rate of 35%, RoAS of 3.8x, the last three-months (with one piece of content reaching a RoAS of 9x and over 300 sales). Interestingly, Body&Fit found that TikTok performed better for branding, and Instagram/Facebook was pivotal for driving incremental sales.

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Across the campaign, Body&Fit managed to drive 60 mln Impressions, 40 mln in Reach, and ~1.2 mln Engagements (likes and comments) through The Cirqle's software which helped cement their new brand direction. With that in the back pockets, the software enabled to focus amplification initiatives on conversions, and particularly “revenue” and managed to drive a 3.8x RoAS over the 3 months leading up to Christmas. All this while making sure that Body & Fit had enough content (over 600 pieces) to leverage in their own paid efforts.

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