Galatea Drove 7000+ App Installs and Reduced CPA by 20% in 40 Days

Galatea is Inkitt’s sister app and the world’s fastest-growing reading app with hundreds of thousands of active users consuming over six million episodes per month.






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Galatea is the world’s fastest-growing reading app with a thriving community of hundreds of thousands of users. It provides an exceptional immersive reading experience, original serial and standalone stories, and an exclusive catalog of best-selling authors. Within the reading-apps vertical, book promotions are less compelling than they could be. Recognizing this improvement area, Galatea sought a partner who could develop highly compelling content poised to attract new customers beyond their loyal base of book lovers. However, content alone would not support this goal. Galatea needed a partner with proven performance marketing skills to achieve app installs by employing social commerce strategies.


Generating significant awareness for Galatea across diverse audience sets was The Cirqle’s first step toward driving unique app installs. To achieve this, we partnered with 11 creators across three diverse backgrounds to deliver 57 static images and video content on Instagram and TikTok. The creators’ content brought the value of Galatea to life via detailed app walk-throughs, feature highlights, styles inspired by the iconic characters, and sharing a quick synopsis of personal favorites. To drive purchase intent, creators shared promotional codes and encouraged followers to read along with them. Each piece of content was highly curated to ensure it covered all key messages across Galatea’s marketing funnel. With compelling content and ad copy in-hand, we created multiple CBO and ABO campaigns to test various audience segments across social channels. A group of distinctive influencers gave us a great advantage in identifying the best working audience. We were able to target people who interact with similar influencers and/or social posts rapidly. Through The Cirqle’s proprietary dashboard, we evaluated performance individually across 11 creators, 57 pieces of content, and 2 platforms (Facebook & TikTok) in real-time and optimized accordingly to drive best-in-class results. Additionally, we partnered with Adjust, a mobile measurement company, to provide full in-app tracking transparency to overcome Apple iOS 14 privacy changes. As a result, we drove a steady drumbeat of daily app installs and lowered the cost per app acquisition by nearly 20%.

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With sufficient creative content to cover all funnel activity and clear visibility for data-driven decisions, we successfully drove 7000+ unique app installs within 40 days from various new audience segments and lowered the cost per app acquisition by 20% simultaneously. Beyond the hard numbers, we are thrilled to bring more people into the thriving community of Galatea and provide them with a bit of escapism via reading during the pandemic.

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