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Best Influencer Marketing Campaign

PRovoke Sabre Awards – 2020

Marie Stella Maris

High-End Cosmetics Brand Marie Stella Maris reached 1 Mln Customers through DTC-Influencer Marketing

Marie-Stella-Maris is an Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand that believes everyone should have access to a source of clean drinking water. By offering natural care products and natural mineral water, the brand is dedicated to contribute. For each product consumers purchase, Marie-Stella-Maris donates a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects worldwide.

1.2 mln





Marie Stella Maris
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Yearly revenue
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Many customers are indifferent about beauty products; they buy what they need without considering the brand or the root cause. Our challenge to Marie Stelle Maris was to break the beauty category conventions and connect through a topic they do care about: sustainability and care.


Drawing inspiration from the brand’s storied past while infusing it with a modern edge, Marie Stella Maris offers collections of luxurious cosmetics products for the modern woman while striving to deliver clean drinking water to those in need. Marie Stella Maris is for the most interesting woman in the room and the brand was looking to work with creators who are a good fit with their aesthetic of minimalist high-quality features.

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"Excellent execution of a carefully constructed influencer campaign that held a deep intrinsic message for an audience that cares about beauty. The influencers audiences loved the content and working with The Cirqle was a joy"

Josha Jansen, Marketing. Manager
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Return on Investment

To build excitement for the collection, we partnered with influencers like Ann Louie Li, Just Like Sushi, Beeldsteil and Adriana Gastelum. We shot photos and videos with them that mirrored the brands aesthetics which they shared with their network. Assets from the photo and video shoots were used to create VOD and PPC ads, leveraging our Share platform to syndicate content cross-channels and cross-platforms, pinpointing target audiences of the client continuously and repeatedly.

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