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Best Influencer Marketing Campaign

PRovoke Sabre Awards – 2020


How Mussila generates 4000 App Installs every 30 days

Mussila is an innovative and award-winning music application made for children aged 6-10. With hours of lessons, challenges, and games — it teaches youngsters the essentials of music theory through interactive play. Our role at The Cirqle was to leverage influencers to get both application downloads and subscriptions at a CPI well below Mussila's average.


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Music Application
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$3 Million
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The Mussila app is designed to give kids a playful experience as they learn the essentials of music. Especially during lockdown, we honed in on Mussila’s playful pedagogy as a way for parents and their kids to have a music-filled evening together. Moments where they can explore not only music theory, but all different instruments, directly on their screens.


We partnered with 8 highly curated influencers who would demonstrate the ins-and-outs of Mussila. Walking through what the Mussila app does, how it works, and how much fun they’re having with their kids during the lockdown period, engaging with the app. In collaboration with the talent, we created ad-ready explainer videos, photos and stories where the kids are the ones in the driving seat as they find their favourite instruments and songs. We were able to produce over 50 pieces of high quality content in a short period of time from In-feed Photos, to interactive long-story video's, Carroussels and TikTok content.

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"The Cirqle enables Mussila to build a strong community of parents across our key focus markets: the USA and the UK. The content made by The Cirqle's influencers is top notch and their automated ROI-platform is state-of-the-art. It is important for educational products to have a powerful spokesperson in the field with a strong follower base. Mussila is an award-winning solution and the best way to deliver that message is from parent to parent. And we're extremely happy with the partnership we've forged with The Cirqle"

Jón Þórðarson - CEO of Mussila
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Return on Investment

The in-depth and authentic content the influencers have produced has enabled us to achieve a CPI lower than $4 with over 1M impressions and well over 10,000 clicks p/month to the respective App Stores of Google and Apple. We managed to achieve a Cost per install (CPI) of the Mussila app of less than $4 dollars by carefully tailoring the content into the look-a-like and interested audience groups of the Mussila app. By partnering with influencers and having them produce explainer video's while explaining "the why" behind Mussila's app usage, we're successfully strategising content and optimising it through our platform for the most receptive audiences.

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