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Best Influencer Marketing Campaign

PRovoke Sabre Awards – 2020


30 Dog-loving creators drove $2 Mln in ROI for Nexgard Argentina in 60 days

NexGard offers dogs a month’s worth of flea and tick protection in one beef-flavoured bite. Our role was to get the word out about this number #1 veterinary recommended chewable. The message our dog-loving influencers pushed was simple: Delicious chews that dogs both love and keeps them protected at the same time .




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$2.2 Billion
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Every dog owner knows that although fleas and ticks are tiny, they can cause tremendous problems for your dog. Only around 5% of the total flea population are adult ones (the ones you can see) and one can lay over 500 eggs in the first 21 days. NexGard® (Afoxolaner) will terminate these adult fleas before they can get the chance and prevent the infestation from the get-go. Similarly, ticks — and the life-threatening diseases they carry — are a big threat to your dogs health and survival. As the leader in the oral treatment category, NexGard® developed a chewable that can help you protect your pooch by (a) killing fleas before they lay eggs (2) continuing to kill fleas all month long (3) killing ticks all month long, and preventing infections that could cause Lyme disease.


The idea behind our campaign was to express the happiness that comes from keeping your beloved companion safe. To get this point across, 32 dog-owners first visited a veterinary to get the prescription based chewable and then documented the effect over the 30-day protection period. Now enjoying stress-free nature trips without having to spend a considerable time searching for fleas or ticks at the end of it.

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Return on Investment

The 32 influencers who participated in this campaign each had a majority following in Argentina, the target country for this campaign . The eye-catching and endorphin inducing content that was created with their furry best friends reached over 5.4 million people. Images of happy and healthy dogs enjoying nature and NexGard also resulted in 420,727 likes and comments. A great product combined with this content worked like a charm and got the brand the right type of awareness and engagement they were hoping for.

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