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PRovoke Sabre Awards – 2020

Multi-Aid Programs

How Robogee managed to 2x their audience in 30 days

We are Pi and The Cirqle worked together with refugee-led NGO called MAPs to raise awareness for refugee capabilities.






Multi-Aid Programs
Lebanon - Middle East
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The crisis of refugee education is urgent and widespread. Right now half of the world’s 70 million refugees are children, and less than 50% of those children are able to attend school. Yet despite the scale of this issue, only 2% of the global humanitarian budget goes to education each year. Multi-Aid Programs (MAPs) is a refugee-led NGO based in Lebanon. MAPs is revolutionizing what refugee education and livelihood look like. Providing education for more than 3,000 children and livelihood programs for youth and adults, MAPs mission as an organisation is to empower refugees to maximise their potential and lead dignified lives. Inspired by the robot created by the students of their Robotics program, MAPs created Robogee to help challenge negative stereotypes around the capabilities of refugees and raise funds for refugee education.


This campaign was launched to show that not only are refugees incredibly capable but also they have valuable lessons to share with the world. 13 influencers took part in this campaign who are eager to raise awareness for refugee capabilities and believe strongly in the right to education and a bright future for all. The influencers produced 30 thoughtful pieces of content which featured important lessons of self-belief, courage, hope and belonging— key themes refugees encounter in their daily lives as they learn to overcome difficult circumstances and follow their dreams. The influencers and the MAPs community were able to draw enough interest towards their cause and double their following by the end of the campaign.

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Cirqle provided valuable insight on the type of brief that would most inspire influencers, and as a result it had a great ripple effect where non-influencers also reached out to participate in the campaign.

Paris Bethel, Strategist at WE ARE Pi
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Return on Investment

Thanks to the influencers’ passion and enthusiasm for advocating for refugee capabilities and education, they were able to create content that inspired their audiences to follow Robogee’s story. Their creative content and copy generated almost 100k impressions organically and led to an incredible increase in the following of the @robogeetherobot Instagram page.

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