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Best Influencer Marketing Campaign

PRovoke Sabre Awards – 2020


How Viteezy leveraged 9 influencers to hit 18,437 clicks-to-site in 7 days

Viteezy is an up and coming personalised nutrition brand that home delivers daily vitamins tailored to an individual’s lifestyle, unique needs, and health goals. Leveraging the knowledge of their team of certified dieticians, they have developed a 3-min quiz that provides one with transparent and personalised insights into which supplements they need, why, and how they will help them. Our role was simple- drive new users to their website to help grow Viteezy’s customer base right in time for their big TV appearance.






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Good health is the most important thing for every person. But the hard truth is that the quality of food produced has changed over the years and it just doesn't have as much nutritional value as it used to in the past. On top of that, one’s specific lifestyle, stage of life, and genetic considerations also affect which nutritional supplements they need. Identifying which supplement you need can thus often be confusing, stressful, and time consuming. Viteezy is dedicated to changing the vitamin market because they believe everyone is unique and they deserve the right vitamins, minerals, and herbs for their needs. With values of personalisation, transparency and ease of use, they developed a quiz that provides personalised vitamin recommendation to suit each person’s lifestyle, habit, and health goals. Their vitamin subscription concept even generated €300,000 in investment from Dutch fashion designer, actress, and investor on Dragon’s Den- Nikkie Lessen. Prior to reaching out to The Cirqle, Viteezy already recognised that the organic growth in the form of word of mouth and Instagram is enormous. Now, with such a big investment win, Viteezy recruited the Create and Share platform to aid in scaling up their business and make potential customers aware of their vitamin subscription service.


Viteezy wanted to generate more buzz around their vitamin subscription service, just in time for the the Dragon’s Den TV episode that celebrated them winning €300,000 in investment. To sustain the buzz and support their PR efforts during this time, we partnered with 9 influencers who perfectly fit the Viteezy target audience. The health, beauty, and family focused influencers had 1 week to receive the product and produce 56 pieces of content that fit into 3 categories. 1) Featuring them using the product 2) Talking directly to their followers about their personal reason for getting the subscription, and 3) Showing the personalised packaging and easy to use daily sachets in closeup. Each content type had its own advantage as we could amplify and optimise the content for various placements across Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace, and Audience Network.

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