Swarovski Produced Studio Quality Content to Build Creative Community

Swarovski was looking to promote its Create Your Style community packed with artists that created beautiful items featuring Swarovski’s crystals. The artists shared their creative work with the Swarovski branded Create Your Style page and proactively attached a step-by-step guide on how they created their products. Swarovski wanted to built and expand their community so they turned to Creative Artists of Instagram to help out. They also wanted to grow their audience on the @Swarovski branded Instagram channel to create an avenue to be able to speak with their customers more interactively.


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Wattens, Austria
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Swarovski's Do-It-Yourself Community "Create Your Style" was looking to enrich its content with authentic, home-made DIY projects showcased in a lifestyle setting that lived in an interactive online community portal. Goals of this 6-month long program were to increase awareness, engage new and existing customers with Swarovski crystals and encourage users to share their own projects on the Community Website and/or Instagram.


The campaign's main goal was to drive awareness and create meaningful conversations for the Swarovski Create Your Style community. Together with Swarovski we partnered with 14 ridiculously talented DIY/Fashion creatives and influencers to produce 94 pieces of branded content on Instagram (both video and photo). Each influencer was asked to come up with a DIY project that was centered around different themes such as Halloween, Valentines Day and the Wedding Season. While running the campaign the world faced a difficult challenge. We entered the Covid-19 Pandemic and people were shut off from their friends and family. While everyone was asked to stay at home we shifted our campaign message to be one of a "Celebration of Home". We invited each influencer to create projects that would encourage the world to be hopeful again. Safe to say the campaign was a huge success and we overperformed our engagement and impressions KPIs by 183%.

"The Cirqle has been critical to adding a new dimension to our conversation with our DIY customers. Following a successful pilot, we have renewed for another six months, and continue discussions on what other services we can utilize."

Shahzad Ahmed, Head of Online Marketing (global) – Swarovski Professional
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We delivered over 841K of impressions and an incredible average engagement rate of 4,5% which led to a strong uplift in the number of followers and likes on Swarovski’s own social media platforms and community site.

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