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The Cirqle empowers advertisers to automate and scale creator advertising on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to drive performance, save time and money.

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Scalable ROI with creators

Scale performance with creators by leveraging our software to source, recruit, contract, pay and turn creatives into ads that drive results.

Automated Audience creation

The Cirqle automates audience creation for every creator you partner with.

P/Creator RoAS Reporting

Automated Audience Creation

Push audiences to your Ads Manager

Unlock and create look-a-like audiences

Our software automatically creates audiences based on creator followers, engaged audiences and look-a-like audiences.


Paid media spends allocated through Partnership ads

From Organic to Paid in a heartbeat

All creators permissions are verified and advertising is programatically handled through The Cirqle.

"Before The Cirqle, we were 100% looking in the rear-view mirror – and now we’re looking out the front window to see what influencer is driving results and where we should take our budget."

Damien Poelhekke, CEO Routinely (Ex Made.com/Zalando)

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The world's most disruptive D2C e-commerce brands leverage The Cirqle's software to power their influencer campaigns.

Global creator community

A global community of vetted creators at the ready

Email notifications

We keep you up to date of everything related to your campaign

Online support

Chat with experts 24/7 and leverage our educational material


It has never been easier

As a verified Facebook Marketing Partner, we know what's required to drive performance when partnering with influencers.

End to end management

Everything you need in one platform

All the building blocks to increase ROAS on the influencer-channel.

Creator Discovery

Best in class tools quickly enable you to manage strong partnerships

Campaign management

Our unique contracting and campaign workflow ensure things run smoothly.


Auto-push high performing influencer creative to your ad accounts for boosting

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Don’t take our words for it - listen to our clients

Highly scalable performance for influencer marketing starts here.

Hannah Park

Vice President Marketing at Color Street

A valued partner in enabling performance with creator programs across the Meta ecosystem.

Nick Jenkins

Ecosystems lead at Meta

If you want to drive sales through influencers, The Cirqle is your go-to

Viola Hutten

Performance Lead at Strivectin

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